4 Reasons We Became Missionaries to Latin America (TGC Repost)

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Admittedly, we are people who (sometimes too readily) question the status quo and most every tidbit of information or advice we recieve. So when something brings great clarity to our hearts and minds we cling to it. The following article from The Gospel Coalition has been just that for us. It's a refreshing investigation of our understanding of God's calling, missions, culture, and why certain "Churched" nations have some of the greatest needs for more missionaries.  

Click any of the pictures, or the link below to read the original article. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Here are a few samples:

"In the world of missions we often hear talk of “reached nations” and “unreached nations.” As a general rule, if 2 percent of a population is evangelical, the country is considered reached."
"Also, though much of Latin American evangelicalism has been hijacked by prosperity preaching, few seem to be sounding the alarm"
"What Latin America needs from foreign missionaries is a change of perspective. We don’t need missionaries with all the solutions. We need mature Christians gifted to strengthen others but also willing to listen, learn, and grow alongside those they’re serving."


4 Reasons We Became Missionaries to Latin America